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Latest reasons for Naída

No. 1994:
Hug West, Canada
"I've received two quotes for Phonak h.a. There is over a $1000 difference betwee..."
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No. 1993:
Sohelkhan Pathan, United States
"Super power, waterproof and with advanced features, what more could one ask for!"
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No. 1992:
Anxo Pérez Rodríguez, Spain
"Because being small and jump in puddles in the rain is priceless"
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No. 1991:
Carolina Saenz, Spain
"Cuando un audífono..."
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No. 1990:
"I wore my naida UP III hearing aids for both ears. i love it. "
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No. 1989:
Rick Sosteri, United States
"Can be used as a CROS device. Can be used during my workouts. "
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No. 1988:
Susanna Peltonen, Finland
"Naida is my best friend"
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No. 1987:
Carlie Appleseed, Albania
"its a cool story bro"
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No. 1986:
leah louise, United Kingdom
"So I can "pimp" my aid and it be just perfect :) COLOURED TUBES, BEADED CHARMS,..."
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No. 1985:
John Prince, United States
"to live my lifestyle and still be able to hear my kids when we are outside playi..."
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